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Firefox Offline Installer 2013 Version 20.5

Written By Shehzad Mansuri on Friday, 29 March 2013 | 10:46


  • Get to your favorite sites quickly – even if you don’t remember the URLs. Type your term into the location bar (aka the Awesome Bar) and the auto-complete function will include possible matches from your browsing history, bookmarked sites and open tabs. The Awesome Bar learns as you use it—over time, it adapts to your preferences and offers better-fitting matches. We have tweaked it to give you greater control over the results (including privacy settings) and increased performance so you find what you need even faster.
  • Tabs are above the Awesome Bar to make it easier to focus on the content of the sites you visit.
  • All your menu items are now found in a single button for easy access.
  • Manage your bookmarks in a single button. Find your favorite links without getting bogged down!
  • Your Awesome Bar now features one easy button to stop loading pages or reload pages.
  • The Home button has been moved to the right side of the search-field.
  • The sky’s the limit with a growing library of thousands of Firefox add-ons, little extras you choose to download and install for a browser that works your way.

Firefox Offline Installer 2013 Version 20.5

  1. Click the Links and wait for 5 second.
  2. Then click 'Skip Ad'.    


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